Frequently Asked Questions

Member FAQ

ActBux is NOT a Autosurf, Multi-Level Marketing, Pyramid, Ponzi, Matrix or "Get Rich Quick" scheme.


What is ActBux?

ActBux is a new innovative, international and FREE English based service that allows advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their ad on our "View Ads" page.


How to contact ActBux?

We can be reached via contact form.


Business hours

10.00 am till 6.00 pm (GMT +00:00), Monday through Friday except public holidays.


Can other people in my household join?

They must have a valid unique e-mail address and valid unique Bitcoin address/account to register with our program. As far as cheating goes, our software detects users who create fictitious accounts and use the same computer so if someone else in your household wants to join and will legitimately use their account you should not be flagged for abuse.


Can I have more than one account?

No. There is no need to maintain more than one account. If you've lost your login information, you can request to have it sent to your e-mail address. If you're caught with more then one account open (we have a very strict auditing process before payments are sent) your account(s) will be terminated, your IP address(es) will be banned and you'll not receive any earnings.


My network, school or ISP all use the same or randomly used IP addresses, can I join?

Yes, this is fine. The same general rule applies from the previous question.


How much money can I make?

We pay you 0.0010 for each action and 0.0005 for each referral action. There is no limit in the amount of websites you visit or referrals that you obtain. Your earning possibilities are virtually endless.


How do I refer others?

Use your unique referral code found within the user area "My Stats".


I can't see any ads!

If you see no ad links on the "View Ads" page but you DO see stats on the right hand side then you need to disable all antivirus and antispyware/adware programs. If this does not work, try cleaning your cache, temp files, cookies, etc. If you're still having problems after all of that, try changing or updating your browser.


My stats are not updating!

This is either because your browser is saving the page in its cache or you're not waiting for the tick sign to appear after the timer is complete. Try cleaning your cache, temp files, cookies, etc. If you're still having problems after all of that, try changing or updating your browser.


How often are the statistics updated?

Stats are updated within 5 minutes.


How do I get paid?

If you have at least 0.01 accumulated, you can click on your account balance within your stats area and it will submit your request. Currently, we only make payments via Bitcoin. We will soon be using other methods of payment.


When do I get paid?

You can request for payment once you're account balance is at least 0.01. Your payment will be processed and issued via Bitcoin within 30 business days. You can only request one payment at the time.